Gymnastic Rings


About the Rings

Hang these rings on any bar for instant fun in strength training or play. What makes these rings different from any other on the market is the ease in which they are adjusted.

The carabiner clips easily flip open and closed and the straps are colour coded to ensure each ring is set for the same height. The rings are made from a strong polycarbonate and the surface has a non-slip texture. Not intended for competition.

If the Rings are used with Extended Length Straps larger skills such as big swings, inlocates and dislocates can be performed.

SPECIFICATIONS: Rings are 2.5cm thick; straps adjust from 58cm to 84cm long. 

Standard Rings: 23.5cm diameter (which is FIG standard)

Weight limits: 56kg when using the
regular length straps supplied with rings. When using the Extended Length Straps the weight limit is 34kg.

Skill Levels:
Beginner - Intermediate #gymnastics

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