Airtrack Factory

Filter are delighted to announce that we are the exclusive agent for the Air Track Factory in Ireland.

      AirTrack Factory is world’s leading AirTrack manufacturer. With over 30 years of experience in producing inflatable sports equipment we are proud to deliver the highest quality AirTracks and bring safe and durable training equipment to gyms all around the world.

      Years of innovating, testing and improving have resulted in the highest quality AirTracks available on the market today, and we are not done! We are still doing everything we can to ensure the quality of our equipment keeps improving.

      Quality and service are our strong suits, and you can expect nothing less!

      Together with trainers and athletes we constantly innovate and develop new equipment. Through our global distribution network, we are able to maintain personal contact and a high level of service with our customers throughout the world.

      As a result, AirTrack Factory has become the number one brand in over 50 countries, and we are proud of that. Experience the joy and confidence when training on our equipment, and level up with AirTrack Factory!

      Not only did we spend years on perfecting our very own cocktail of Double Wall Fabric for the perfect bounce, we worked on a special leak prevention technology and we perfected every detail, from the valves to the handles.

      Each AirTrack is checked three times in our quality control.

    • Frequently Asked Questions

      This depends on the product, sports type, skill level and weight of the users. Always use enough pressure not to bottom out and refill before every new training session. Check our user manual for recommended pressure levels.

      No, the extreme pressure needed to actually damage an AirTrack cannot be reached with the blowers we supply nor the exercises you would do on it.

      Obviously this will depend on how, and in what frequency the products are used. A lifespan of more than 7 years is definitely not uncommon.

      We give 2 years guarantee on our products.

      The new generation AirTracks from the AirTrack Factory are airtight. You do not need an expensive, big, noisy blower. A small hand- blower is enough to inflate even the biggest AirTracks within 4 minutes. Also, our new generation AirTracks only have 60% of the weight in comparison to the old tumbling tracks.

      There’s a slight difference between the different thicknesses but, as a rule of thumb, they weigh approx. 3 kg per square meter.

      Yes, and we are proud of it! Our products are made of top quality, industrial strength materials that originate from inflatable boat production. We use the highest available quality valves, Velcro and other materials. All products are hand-made by industry professionals and under-go a strict quality control.

      1) All materials are sourced, bought, and controlled by AirTrack Factory.
      2) All mats under-go a multipoint inspection before being shipped out, including: a 16 hour pressure test to ensure airtight seals and pre-shipment pictures and videos are made to document each product.
      3) AirTracks are individually labeled and documented to monitor and file the complete production process.

      We use a material called Double Wall Fabric (DWF) consisting of 2 layers of coated vinyl with thousands of threads connecting the two layers (80.000 per M2!). Our DWF is specially engineered for athletic training - it’s called SportsDWF.

      Our warranty covers manufacturer defects, non-usage damage to all parts, including seams and surface.

      Yes, of course, our products are REACH compliant.

      Each equipment is tested on size, flatness, color and special requirements
    • Each equipment has an unique code to track its production details
    • Every AirTrack is handmade by a team of experts
    • Each m2 of our equipment consists of 80.000 threads
    • We use soft handles for easy carrying
    • AirTrack Factory has over 100 resellers all over the world
    • Olympic gold medalist athletes train on our equipment

      25 products

      25 products