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Beginning with an idea formulated at a presentation seen by founder, Doug Davis, at a National Gymnastics convention back in the early 1980's, Tumbl Trak, the product and the company, was born. Influenced by coaches like Fred Roethlisberger (John's dad) and Leonard Isaacs, Doug's philosophy of progressions and a minimal spotting approach took root. This philosophy can only work with the right equipment and knowledge. So, Tumbl Trak went to work on developing both.

By 1988, the first version of the Tumbl Trak hit the market. Gymnasts and coaches alike welcomed the concept of a long tumbling surface with an open end. Since then Tumbl Trak has developed many accessories to the Tumbl Trak as well as many other types of training aids like the Air Trak, Air Floor, Sweet Spots, Launch Pad and a new line of mats using "Smart Mat Technology".

Over the years, Tumbl Trak has built a strong company and reputation. Innovative product development has kept the company ahead of its competition. When developing a new product, we always try to look at things from the coach's point of view, asking "What would I like to have as a training product to help my athlete gain new skills and confidence?" With the right equipment and stations, athletes can learn skills more quickly and easily, and can do the repetitions required to master skills.

Using an aggressive marketing approach to promote these concepts, the company introduced its new slogan, "More Reps, Less Stress" three years ago. Tumbl Trak is also known for its superior customer service. From high quality products, a knowledgeable and friendly sales staff, to quick delivery times and service after the sale, Tumbl Trak will go above and beyond to satisfy its customers' needs.

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