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Build confidence with our strong, stable home training bar

 Give your young gymnast confidence
Parents know that nothing ruins a young gymnast's confidence like a cheaply-built bar that wobbles and lifts off the floor. We've built our rock-solid Gymnastics Jr. Bar Pro with a strong, sturdy base made of high-gauge steel. Our bar stays firmly on the floor, making your gymnast feel confident as they learn beginner routines.

 Choose a bar that puts safety first
Nothing's more important to us than your kid's well-being. We've created our training bars with their safety in mind - eliminating hard corners, covering bolts in protective caps, and designing special spring-loaded pin knobs that lock firmly in place once you've set the bar's desired height. This adds up to a bar that's easily adjustable yet safe and secure.

 Feel the strength of solid beech - one of the strongest hardwoods on Earth
The centerpiece of our training bars is a 3.8cm diameter cut of solid beech. It's the same size and feel as a competition bar that costs many times the price. Beech is one of the strongest hardwoods, with a bending strength. Beech's incredible strength makes for a firm, unyielding bar that your gymnast will trust as they learn increasingly complex skills.

 Watch out for competing bars that claim higher weight limits - as long as your gymnast isn't actually doing gymnastics on them
Our Jr. Bar Pro has a weight limit of 56kg (9 stone). We've seen competing bars claiming weight limits of 90kg or even 135kg. Here's the difference: our weight limit is a true working load. It's based on the load generated by a gymnast that's doing an upstart, swinging or circling - in other words, actually using the bar as intended.

By contrast, many competitors measure their weight limit using static load - in other words, when the gymnast is only hanging from the bar and not moving or doing any routines! We don't think that's an honest measurement, and that's why we insist on using an accurate weight limit even if it makes us look lower in an "apples to oranges" comparison.

  • Weight limit = 56kgs (9 stone)
    • This is a ''working'' load which is representative of how your athlete will use it (swinging, circling, hanging, kipping). Be wary of competitors who list a high weight limit that is indicative of static load (hanging only) and not working load.
  • 3.8cm diameter beech wood bar
  • Height adjustment from 97cm up to 147cm
  • 1.4m wide x 1.8m long
  • Center cross support is 3.8cm thick, so extra matting is required
  • Ships small parcel in three boxes

Looking for replacement knobs or hardware? Visit our Replacement Bar Parts page.

Designed in the USA. Made in China.

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