Folding Incline (Cheese Mat)

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About the Inclines

Inclines are very versatile developmental aids. They are great for downhill or uphill tumbling stations, transitions on bars and uphill vaulting drills. You will find many uses for them in your gym.

Tumbl Trak's multi-coloured Inclines features 18 oz. vinyl, a sturdy nylon zip and a velcro flap to fasten the Incline shut when used as a block. The large Incline also features heavy-duty handles for easier manoeuvring.

What size Incline should you order? The length of the Incline should be at least as tall as the child (or longer).

Small: 60cm x 122cm x 36cm
Medium: 76cm x 173cm x 41cm
Large: 150cm x 210cm x 41cm

Available in Bright Pastel Rainbow or Primary Rainbow colours. Medium size also available in Black.

Designed in the USA. Made in China.

Skill Levels:
Beginner - Intermediate #gymnastics

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