Air Barrel

About the Air Barrel

The Air Barrel is a very simple, yet extremely versatile, multi-purpose training device.
While it may look like a foam octagon or barrel, it is filled with air and is BOUNCY, helping with drills that cannot be done with traditional foam shapes. The Air Barrel can be used for tumbling, vaulting and bar skills and teaches body awareness and control.
Cradles can be used to stabilise the Air Barrel for a variety of drills, and make great pre-school shapes when used by themselves. Set them up in obstacle courses or do cartwheels over them.
Air Barrel Package 2 = includes Air Barrel, Cradle and 1.2m Floor Bar 
Price includes hand pump.
Made in China. Designed in the USA.
Portable: Yes
Ages: All
Skill Levels: Beginner - High

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