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Sweet Spot

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Hit the mark with the Sweet Spot! The Sweet Spot is a training aid that improves rebound off your hands and feet. It is a bouncier substitute for traditional mats and its small size makes it easy to use around your facility, enhancing stations already set up.

The new style Sweet Spot features a cover-less design while maintaining the target marking and ability to use straps to attach it to other equipment.


  • 0.9m wide x 1.2m long x 8cm thick.
  • Loops on the underside to use with included straps

Includes a dual-action Hand Pump.

Made in Cambodia. Designed in the USA.

12 Months on material and workmanship.

Does the Sweet Spot come with a pump?

Yes, a dual action Hand Pump is included with your purchase.
How long can I expect the Sweet Spot to stay inflated?
The Sweet Spot should remain inflated overnight. Most times, you will need to ”top off” the air with a few pumps from the hand pump in the morning. Note: extreme air temperature changes may cause the air inside to constrict or expand which may be a factor in how tight or soft your Sweet Spot feels.


The sweet spot is an absolutely amazing product. My son uses it for so many applications, such a Leaps, Roundoff Backtucks and Front tucks, as those are his higher skills. I have seen such a huge improvement in this gym since he has gotten this product.

- H. O'Driscoll | October 21, 2016

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Robbie Roche, Gymnast.

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