Sticky (Velcro) Manipulatives


Place these 10cm vinyl, Sticky Manipulatives where students need direction and fun! Choose from colourful groups of shapes, letters, numbers or arrows, all with hook Velcro on the back.

Boost your stations and obstacle courses with these handy Sticky Manipulatives. Made of durable vinyl and digitally printed with all 26 letters of the alphabet, 10 numbers and 10 arrows that will point kids in all kinds of pathways and directions, plus 10 colourful shapes to help with recognition. Add these manipulatives to your lessons for extra learning power!


  • 10cm Vinyl Squares
  • Printed in various colours
  • Letters (set of 26): Capital Letters A-Z
  • Shapes (set of 10): Triangle, Pentagon, Octagon, Oval, Heart, Straight, Rectangle, Square, Circle, Star
  • Numbers (set of 10): 1-10
  • Directions (set of 10): Straight, Rounded, Zig Zag, Loop, Curvy, U-turn


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