Spring Floor Kits

Spring Floor Kits

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The Spring Floor Kit from Tumbl Trak has almost everything you need to build your own floor! Our kit includes Tumbl Trak's Power Spring and newly-designed strengthened retainer cap, the nuts and screws, plus the hook and loop velcro for connecting the panels. You only need to source the plywood panels. Spring Floor Kits are available in sets to make a 12.8m x 12.8m (42ft x 42ft) or 12.8m x 16.4m (42ft x 54ft) Floor
The new Tumbl Trak power spring is one of the best on the market today and resilient enough for gymnasts of all sizes and abilities. They feature a durable, hard drawn high carbon steel (2in x 4in coil) and are paired with our easy-mount retainer caps. We've also included the hardware needed to affix them to the wood panels as well as the Hook & Loop Velcro to help connect the layers of wood panels.

The Tumbl Trak Spring Floor Caps have been newly-designed and feature an additional set of grooves that keep the spring from falling out while in use, preventing dead spots in your floor.

The advantages of the Tumbl Trak Spring Floor Caps are that they are more robust and the top and bottom caps are interchangeable.

The 1932 piece Spring Floor Kit is perfect for a Gymnastics Floor -- 12.8m x 12.8m (42' x 42')
The 2460 piece Spring Floor Kit is perfect for a Cheerleading Floor -- 12.8m x 16.4m (42' x 54')

Thinking of building your own floor? Your biggest challenge will be to find the correct plywood appropriate for spring floors. The type most all commercial manufacturers use is Baltic Birch (sometimes called Russian Birch). We would recommend the BB/BB grade. This type of wood is strong, resilient, and resistant to warping or cracking. The ideal thickness is 9mm (3/8in). You will need two layers: One layer has the springs attached to it; the other is the offset layer which ties the floor together as one unit, providing uniformity of rebound. These layers can be connected by Velcro which is usually better as it is far easier to remove, repair or relocate.

1932pc Kit (for 12.8m x 12.8m / 42ft x 42ft) Includes

  • 1932 Tumbl Trak Power Springs
  • 1950 Nuts
  • 1950 Screws
  • 3864 Tumbl Trak Retainer Caps
  • 2 Rolls of Black Hook Velcro (25m rolls)
  • 4 Rolls of White Loop Velcro (25m rolls)

2460pc Kit (for 12.8m x 16.4m / 42ft x 54ft) Includes

  • 2460 Tumbl Trak Power Springs
  • 2500 Nuts
  • 2500 Screws
  • 4920 Tumbl Trak Retainer Caps
  • 2 Rolls of Black Hook Velcro (25m rolls)
  • 5 Rolls of White Loop Velcro (25m rolls)

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