Spencer Spot Landing Dot

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Introducing the Spencer Spot Landing Dot! Your goal? ‘Stick it’ as closely as possible to the bullseye's center! Designed by one of Tumbl Trak’s youngest innovators, Spencer. His hope with this fun innovation is that kids will enjoy organising games and play while tumbling, jumping and many other activities.

The Spencer Spot Landing Dot is an interactive addition to any carpeted surface utilising colorful rings. It attaches to your closed-loop carpeted surface (like Transition Tumbl Trak or Carpet Roll Out Mats) with its hook Velcro perimeter on the bottom.

Mark your spot using any hook (scratchy) Velcro accessories to stick to the surface. Create endless hours of happy games while promoting valuable skill development. Jump right in and have a blast!

  • Includes (25) 2.5cm dots for marking spots
  • Attached to the wall, or a mat leaning against a wall it makes a great throwing target!
  • Secure Sticky Manipulatives (letters, numbers or shapes) for games that have an added academic element, ie: “Land on a number and add your points!”
  • Secure Velcro Hands and Feet as a larger option for visual training aid for turns and pirouettes
  • Hook Velcro border on the backside adheres to Tumbl Trak’s Transition Tumbl Trak, Power LaunchCarpeted Build a Mats or any other closed loop surfaces, like Carpet Roll Out Mats.

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