Slanted Ninja Steps

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If you've got kids looking for high action movement, Tumbl Trak's Slanted Ninja Steps are up for the challenge! Our ninja steps are highly configurable, letting you design exciting obstacle courses at your home, gymnastics centre or martial arts studio. Price includes a set of two slants.

Tumbl Trak's Slanted Ninja Steps come in pairs and the slanted shape allows them to work on both side angles. Velcro flaps secure them to the floor for stability and instantly transform the Slanted Ninja Steps from angles to cubes, speed bumps or hurdles!

More pairs means more action! Use four Slanted Ninja Steps to make an obstacle course, mega slant, or table that's perfect for ninja rolls. With their innovative shape and strategic velcro placements our Slanted Ninja Steps are far more than your average obstacle. You'll love how easily they transform into a multi-function apparatus, setting them apart from others on the market.

Choose from a red/black or purple/green colour scheme to fit your home, gymnastics centre or martial arts studio decor. Price includes a set of two slants.

Important Note: These Slanted Ninja Steps are secured down by attaching the Velcro Flaps to Carpet Bonded Foam.

At the top of the triangle, the Ninja Slants are 43cm high with a 83cm by 60cm base.  They are made with a layer of firm crosslink foam under the durable, easy to clean vinyl.

Do the Velcro flaps get in the way when not in use?
Not at all. We've designed the Velcro flaps to fold down and secure to an additional Velcro strip on the block so the flap will stay out of the way when not in use.
Are the Ninja Blocks soft on the feet?
Our blocks are made with a dense layer of polyethylene foam to offer a soft, yet extremely durable landing surface.
Do the Ninja Blocks come in different sizes?
The steps come in one size, but their Velcro-ability makes them very versatile. You can easily combine two or more steps together to create all types of ninja-ready obstacles!

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