Replacement Bar Parts


Order replacement parts for your Jr. Kip Bar, Jr. Bar Pro and 5-in-1 Bar.

The following is a guideline for which knobs are sold with which bar and their quantities. (Hardware 'packs' include all hardware required for that bar)

Jr. Kip Bar: (2) D-2 Knobs

Jr. Bar Pro: (2) D-2 Knobs, (4) D-1 Knobs

5-in-1 Bar: (4) D-2 Knobs


Jr Bar Pro Harder Pack:

D-1 Knob x 4

D-2 Knob (sping-detent) x2

Button Head Cap Screws x 4

Lock Washer x 4

Flat Washer x 4

Allen Wrench (6mm) x 1

Jr Kip Bar Hardware Pack:

D-2 Knob (sping-detent) x 2

Set Screw x 12

Allen Wrench x 1

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