Pyramid Beam Blocks

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Introducing the Pyramid Beam Blocks - a must have addition to your gymnastics, ninja or preschool program. These useful, fun blocks are designed to boost confidence in athletes as they work towards mastering skills to be performed on a balance beam.

With the innovative technology found in the Smart Spotting Block System, these blocks provide a solid surface for athletes to train on. Each piece is 1.2m long, stands at a height of 30cm and gradually widens toward the base, ensuring stability. Thanks to the secure Velcro fastening system, the blocks easily stack into a pyramid shape, or can be placed end-to-end for comprehensive balance beam progressions.

Using the Pyramid Beam Blocks as a beam training system opens up a world of possibilities. The bright 10cm white line serves as a guide for seamless skill progressions, instilling confidence every step of the way. Athletes can personalise their training by taking advantage of the various widths available. The lightweight, dense foam material cushions take-offs and landings offering a gentle experience for the body. Transporting the blocks is a breeze, thanks to the convenient handles on each end.

  • Place 1.2m long blocks end-to-end to create a 3.6m balance beam training surface that progresses from wide to narrow
  • 10cm white line down the middle of the blocks provides a visual for athletes to focus on
  • Stack two of the blocks with the third placed on the ground next to them to create height differences for various drills
  • Use blocks as an obstacle for ninja training or as a conditioning aid
  • Use in your preschool program so children can gain confidence walking on a balance beam safely
  • Made of firm foam that is covered in easy-to-clean vinyl
  • Velcro allows the blocks to be securely stacked on top of each other or secured to any surface that accepts hook Velcro
  • The blocks are lightweight with handles on each end which makes for easy transport
  • All Blocks are 1.2m long and 30cm high
  • Base: 90cm wide bottom surface, 64cm wide top surface (approx.)
  • Middle: 64cm wide bottom surface, 37cm wide top surface (approx.)
  • Top: 37cm wide bottom surface, 10cm wide top surface (approx.)
  • All three stacked together taper from a 90cm base up to a 10cm top
  • 10cm white line in the center of each block
  • Smart Spotting Block System construction: hard inner core, wrapped in EVA foam
  • Velcro flaps secure them together, including closure on bottom to keep flaps out of the way if you do not wish to use them
  • Convenient handles on each end

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