Non-Slip Strips


Keep your mats in place with Non-Slip Strips! Simply add a length of this 5cm wide loop Velcro strip that is specially fused to silicone to any mat that has hook Velcro on the bottom. Ideal for use on dance studio floors, gymnasium floors, wood floors or tile floors where mats tend to slip during use. Each roll contains 15.2m in length.

Non-Slip Strips are simply a game-changer! Sold by the roll, just cut the desired length and attach this loop Velcro strip to any mat or piece of equipment that has hook Velcro on the base. The silicone surface will help keep mats in place when used on a variety of surfaces including hardwood, tile or when used stacked with other mats.

5cm wide loop velcro fused with silicone backing

Will this help hold my tumbling mats in place?
Non-Slip Strips are designed to attach to any mat that has hook Velcro on the bottom. If your mat has hook Velcro at the bottom, then yes it will help. (Hook Velcro on tumbling mats is NOT common)
What products are recommended to use Non-Slip Strips with?
Booster Blocks, Slanted Ninja Steps, Floor Bar, Half Rounds, Fun Sticks, Practice Mats and more!
My Non-Slip Strips seem to be losing their stickiness. Is there a way to fix this
If your Non-Slip strips get dusty or chalky they can lose their sticky properties. Simply wipe them down with a warm water and gentle soap solution and air dry to restore them.

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