Floor Bar and Carpeted Build-A-Mat Bundle

Floor Bar and Carpeted Build-A-Mat Bundle

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The Tumbl Trak Floor Bar is a great training bar to practice handstand control. The base features strong hook Velcro to secure it while in use. This bundle includes our 60cm x 120cm x 3.5cm Carpeted Build-A-Mat for those wanting to use the Floor Bar on a non-carpeted surface.

The Floor Bar is very sturdy and its wood surface is pleasant to the touch and provides for a secure grip. It features Velcro on its feet to stay secure on carpeted surfaces, allowing gymnasts to do giant, clear hip tap lifting drills without the bar moving. These floor training bars are also great for handstands, pirouettes, in-bar and late drops skills. The Floor Bar can be used in many creative ways with other Tumbl Trak products where "bounce to handstand" drills can be practiced, like the Air Barrel & Cradles Bundle.

The Tumbl Trak Build-A-Mats are customisable and colourful. This bundle includes the 60cm x 120cm long (3.5cm thick) Carpeted Build-A-Mat. Choose from a variety of colours to design your own Tumbling Mat. Velcro tabs on the short and long end of each panel allow for many creative setups both side to side or end to end.

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