AirTrack P3


Our signature AirTrack P3 is our most versatile track. Not only is it a great training tool for professional athletes, you will find everybody, young or old, having a blast on these Airtracks!

This product from The Airtrack Factory has a lead time of 2-6 weeks depending on availability and as it is delivered directly from Holland to you, please check before ordering.

By playing around with the air pressure, this 30cm thick track can be softened for a slow and easy bounce or firm for a gast and technical bounce. While the 2.0 meter wide AirTracks match the width of standard landing mats, the 2.8m wide version can be used as a 2-lane track, ideal for training sessions with lareg (school) groups.

When you're down with your training, even our biggest standard AirTrack of 15 x 2.8m can be rolled up and stored in less than 10 minutes! Ideal for transport and storage!!

  • Maximum options for pressure variation
  • completely silent
  • Free Electric Pump provided
  • transport bag included

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