Addie Beam


The Addie Beam

The Addie Beam by Tumbl Trak is a practical and safe home training beam that will help your athlete train and perfect beam skills. It is 2.4m long, competition width (10 cm) and 13.5cm high. Train leaps, turns, handstand and much more using the new Addie Beam.

The Addie Beam features realistic synthetic suede looks and feels like a competition beam.

Support legs are flat, moulded plastic, not steel like the competitors, and have a bevelled top edge so if little feet fall onto them, they do not get injured or hurt.

Wood core beam with rounded top corners simulates the feel of the competition beam for hand and feet positions.

  • Wood core
  • Synthetic suede cover similar to competition beam
  • 2.4m long x 10cm wide x 13.5cm in high
  • 24 months on material and workmanship.


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