Non-Slip Smart Mat Sheets (set of 2)

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Our redesigned Non-Slip Smart Mat Sheet is crafted from a heavy grade, tacky silicone. Each side has a glossy silicone sheen that is more effective when used with vinyl surfaces like Tumbling Mats or Practice Mats in the gym or in the home.

  • Approx 58cm x 43cm; 1mm thick
  • 2-sided glossy silicone for better tackiness when used with vinyl mats
  • Rounded corners

The Non-Slip Smart Mat Sheet was developed to reduce slipping of mats in many (not all) applications. This product is our solution to a very common safety issue resulting from mats sliding during use. Both sides of the silicone sheet feature a glossy sheen that is tacky and can be more effective than other non-slip surfaces.  

Place the Non-Slip Smart Mat sheet directly on tile, wood or laminate floors with matting on top or, in between two vinyl mats.  To maintain the grippy nature of the silicone, wipe the surface with warm soapy water and keep it dust free.

  • Provides peace of mind during training in regards to safety and security
  • Place between two vinyl mats to prevent the top one from sliding
  • Perfect for home or gym use: place the Non-Slip Smart Mat Sheet underneath a Practice Mat to avoid slipping on hardwood floors
  • Measures 58cm x 43cm (approx)
  • Sold as a set of 2 pieces
  • For mats larger than 1.2m x 2.4m, additional Non-Slip Smart Mat Sheets are helpful

Useful Tips

  • To keep the Non-Slip silicone surface grippy, wipe or rinse frequently with warm soapy water and keep dust free
  • Avoid using harsh chemical cleaners
  • Store loosely rolled


Will the Non-Slip Smart Mat Sheet completely stop mats from sliding?

Like Non-Slip Strips, this product will help to reduce slipping in many applications, but we cannot guarantee it will work with every surface.

Will the Non-Slip Smart Mat Sheet reduce slipping of mats on a carpeted floor as well?

The Non-Slip Smart Mat Sheet will help reduce slipping between a mat and a carpeted surface. 

Does the surface get sticky after long term use? How do you clean the Non-Slip Smart Mat Sheet?

The Non-Slip Smart Mat Sheet will gather dust and dirt due to its sticky nature.  The best way to clean it is by washing it with warm soapy water to remove the dust and debris.

My mats are still slipping. Is there anything more I can do?

Some skills and applications are just too dynamic for equipment to remain stationary. We have found a mist of water on the Non-Slip Smart Mat Sheet to add additional holding power to the sheet can help a bit more for those big skills or landings.


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