Lycra Girls Shorts Black


Our signature Quatro Gymnastics shorts combined seamless mystique material with high supportive design. The combination of material and design creates a breathable short which boosts the range of movement, and speed. 

  • Guarantees ease of movement
  • Mid-rise waistband
  • Breathable fabric
  • Non-slip support
  • Soft stretch

Quatro Leotard prices will vary depending on the size you order.


This short is true to size



We want your Quatro garments to look as good as new after months and months of hard work in the gym. Like every high-performance item (particularly with novelty foils and light/dark colour combinations) it needs and deserves some special love and care.

Follow these four easy steps immediately after each wearing, and your Quatro garment will continue to look great for even the toughest judges.

1. All leotards must be turned inside out before washing.

2. Individually machine washes in cold water using a gentle cycle.

3. Do not use bleach, or use detergents or fabric conditioner.

4. Remove from the washing machine immediately after the spin cycle.

Please remember - do not hand-wash our leotards!

We product test all our leotards and fabrics with world-class performers, to test for durability. Foil print and metallic garments may dull or discolour with wear and repeated washing. Areas that incur friction or abrasion may show some loss of foil and colour. Pilling may occur on sublimated fabrics when it comes in contact with velcro and any other rough surfaces. The back/bottom area of the garment tends to pill easier than other areas. Unfortunately, this is an issue we cannot avoid due to the nature of the fabric.

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