Gymnastics Beam


These beams are made to order and have a manufacturing time of 2-3 weeks. 

These quality beams are made from four pieces of 4″ x 1″ solid pine wood, laminated together using a polyurethane D4 wood glue, to form a 4″ x 4″ beam.

All beams are guaranteed not to warp or twist.

The beams are also covered in ½ inch fire resistance foam.

The finished beam is professionally upholstered with heavy duty fire resistance faux suede which we feel is much safer than some others on the market which use leatherette.

All corners of the beam are sown (not simply folded).

No staples are used on the top or side ends, only the bottom.

Legs are professionally constructed from new 1½ inch square steel tubing.

The legs of the beam are 16 inches in width, making them extremely stable and they are quality powder coated painted in white.

The legs are fixed to the beam using 3in long bright zinc plated coach screws into pre drilled holes. The screws are supplied.

This beam exemplifies quality, and is made to the highest standards, using only top quality materials.

It may be possible for us to bring samples to your gym club to view, please ask your Gym club to contact us regarding this.

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