Foam Folding 3m Floorbeam

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Gymnasts get the opportunity to practice safely whilst developing their skills.
  • Made of durable twin foam material it folds away when not in use.
  • Soft and light hygienic medi-foam means no hard surfaces to fall on and minimum chance of damage when carrying around, (no chunks out of the wall....)
  • Even the youngest gymnasts love these beams and can set it out themselves without difficulty.

The 3m design are great for practice moves where floor space prevents full beam use. Same width as the full beam, this wonderful floorbeam allows the gymnast to practice basic moves safely on the floor, whilst feeling the beam with the feet and allowing practice at home. Best surface for use is a carpeted floor as this is firm for the beam yet soft to exercise on, do not use on timber floors. Not for use on solid or hard concrete floors not best suited to sprung or spongey floors typical of main gym areas.

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