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Used while standing, kneeling or sitting, our heavy duty Balance Disc improves balance and joint stabilisation and strengthens and tones core muscles. The Balance Disc is easily adjustable by adding or removing air with a football/bike tyre pump. 

Balance Discs are recommended by many physical therapists to improve balance and flexibility, tone and shape muscles, and rehabilitate ankles, wrists, shoulders and other joints.  Our Balance Disc inflates to 35cm across and about 5cm-7.5cm inches high.

Is this a good Balance Disc for kids?
Yes! Tumbl Trak’s balance disc is perfect for children as well as adults. It helps build core strength and recovery strategies for balance beam training and cheerleading stunting.
Is the Balance Disc ready to use when I receive it?
You will need a football/bike tyre pump (not included) to inflate the Balance Disc.
How do I set up my Balance Disc?
Upon opening your Balance Disc box, remove it from the plastic bag. Insert a football/bike tyre pump needle into the black rubber opening of the Balance Disc. Pump until you reach the desired training firmness.

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